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Welcome to Pendle Paddlers

We are glad that you have decided to join our Club and this page will hopefully capture some useful information to help you enjoy our Club and your paddling

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Membership is renewed annually from the date you joined.

Membership provides you and your (personal or club) craft a waterways licence whilst paddling with Pendle Paddlers

For more information see 

An individual membership gives you access to our activities, if you wish to bring a friend or family member please ensure that they provide complete a Membership form and they will be classified as non-member and charged at non-member rate.

Membership form can be found via the following link

Family membership covers your family as long as all members have completed the required information via the additional members form via the following link

Our Policies and Procedures can be found on the website please make sure are aware of our:

Code of Conduct

Privacy Policy

Meet the Team

There are many people who help keep Pendle Paddlers going as a club, who you will meet at some point.

The Committee team can be seen on the Meet the Team page

Social Media

We are on a number of Social Media platforms so if you want to join us please follow the appropriate links click on the logo.

We have an open page on Facebook, which shares some of our activities

We also have a closed page on Facebook, which allows members to share their updates, sell equipment etc.

We share more videos on this page than the public page.

On this page we also share "special events" open to members only

To join this group you must answer the questions. Please ensure that use a name that we will recognise on the member list. Follow this link to join The Pendle Paddlers on Facebook

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You can also follow us on Instagram and Youtube

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We recognise that not everyone is a Social media fanatic so we try and keep the website as topical as possible by using the blog, you can subscribe to the blog and get automatic updates. 

See the blog here

We will email all members details of key events, and if you have any questions or queries just email us on


We can lend you equipment to support the initial stages of paddling adventures, but at some point you may wish to purchase your own.  The following shops can assist you and if you mention being a member of Pendle Paddlers you may get a discount

Gokayaking - North West

Manchester Canoe

Summit to Sea - Anglesey

RobinHood WaterSports

Club Events

You can keep up to date with the Club events via the Club Calendar

General Events, including the current Canal activities,  are now bookable via our online store


Both of the calendars can be linked to your personal calendars 

General Calendar

Member Events:

British Canoeing Membership

Your Pendle Paddlers membership provides  you affiliated membership of British Canoeing this provides you insurance and licenced access to British Waterways on club supported trips.

Some events, for insurance purposes, may require you to full British Canoeing membership if required please follow this link 

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If you are a member of British Canoeing, please ensure that you register you links with Pendle Paddlers you can do this via the My Clubs section on the website

Useful Info

We have tried to provide you some links to information that may help with your paddling adventure and skills

So please see our useful links section in the Member area