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Pendle Paddlers

Membership System - Spond

We use Spond to run our Membership system and event bookings.

Spond works as an App based system or via email/text & website

To download the apps for your appropriate phone please see:

How to accept a Spond Invite

If you download the app and log in, the email notifications will stop. When you log out of the app, the email notifications will start again.

Can multiple people register with the same phone number or email address?

No. You can't register multiple users with the same phone number or e-mail address, as this is used for logging in as well as identification. Each person is required to have unique contact points if they are added with these.


If a child is not old enough to respond themselves, you do not need to add a contact point next to their name, only on the guardians.

If you use Gmail, you can overcome this issue by adding an extension ie, these emails will still be delivered to the address.

Spond via Email/Website

Spond still works if you dont wish to use an app on your phone, you will receive email invitations, and messages

You can login into your account via the following link:

Please note Courses (ie intro to events) are only bookable via the following link:

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