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Pendle Paddlers



Want to know what those core strokes are follow these links:

There are also great animations about strokes on Kayakpaddling

In particular have a look at these movement control strokes

Sweep turns, the basic turns

Stern rudder, note this slows you down

Carved turns, this requires you edge the boat

PaddleEducation has some great sections on various techniques

For slalom practice have a look at how to carve and edge a figure of 8 course

Torso rotation and use of your body in the kayak is also very important watch this video


The J Stroke - have a look at Ray Goodwin's site

and his YouTube tutorial mastering the J Stroke

Ray also has lots of others youtube videos on the key canoe strokes

Trimming your Canoe is an important 

For the more advanced Canoeing there is the world of Freestyle canoeing (Dancing with Canoes)

Some great information available via

Heeling the canoe (ie having the canoe on its edge) why see

Choosing your Canoe - they arent all the same see


A great intro into what you need to think about before going on the water see the link below - Thanks to Amelia and Kelly for giving us this link

Buoyancy Aids

The RNLI has a good webpage on Life Jackets and Buoyancy Aids

Make sure you download the pdf to get all the detail -



Real novice, encouragement based could be run in 1 session


Working towards independence


Independent paddler, efficient and safe paddler style wise

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