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Pendle Paddlers

Staying Paddling active during CoronaVirus

Just some quick tips/links to help you stay fit whilst we all can't paddle, and to ensure that when we return we don't have injuries.

Also some tips, on rolling & throwlines

Some good exercises are available on the link below, some do require a resistance bands but not all

In addition have a look at Yoga or Pilates

Just some links we have found can't recommend/vouch for them but ensure its important that you work on your whole body

This app normally paid for but currently free

or via Youtube an alternative

Or preventing Kayaking injuries



Struggling to understand the theory behind rolling have a look at the following, especially if you have forgotten what you head, bum and legs should be doing have a look at this



Whilst the weather is good, get out there and practice with your throwline or equivalent.

Make sure you can hit your target, quickly recoil your rope, etc.

See links below:

Stay safe and hope we are back paddling soon


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