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Pendle Paddlers

Wednesday we should paddling #3

Well this week a mixture of updates, first of all a look back on our 2019/2020 season in the pool.

Have a read about some do and donts around rolling one of these might be the key to that perfect roll when we return to the pool

Exercise it doesnt have to be everyday or for that long

The new Paddle Awards talk alot about beyond the basic skills and what you need to do to advance as a competent paddler ie looking after your environment, and planning your trip etc. Unfortunately this is only on Facebook but it a good article about planning your trip

For those of you with a Kayak at home some tips of outfitting your Kayak

Whilst at home why dont you learn some important Knots this week the Bowline

Finally one for the Canoe people, how to get your Canoe up to speed


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