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Pendle Paddlers

Wednesday we should be paddling blog #5

In this weeks blog (later than normal, there is only so much time you can spend on a computer) some Kayak and Canoe tips, trip planning links and something different for a trip down memory lane


Who's having a go at building a wobble board?

Or if you are or making something else paddle related share it on the Facebook page, or email us your update, and we will share.

Kayak Skills

This week what do some people carry in their buoyancy aid. Remember only carry what you are trained and competent to use.

Found a way to link to Facebook, without you needing to be on it, so the see more bit should work

link to pdf copy

Canoe Skills

A bit of input on what to carry in a canoe from TNROutdoors

Trip Planning

Ok for those White Water paddlers there is one positive at the moment, and that is with all this lovely weather it would have made paddling difficult as the rivers are really low, but how to you do know the levels before you set off:

Rainchasers is a really good tool for this and it also includes information about get in and outs points

you can also get this as an app

And finally a trip down Memory lane

Well we did think about doing the Toilet Roll challenge

or the paddle challenge

However, we recognise that in the current situation that not everyone has a paddle, a couple of weeks ago no-one would have risked losing a toilet roll, and some people are alone in isolation and/or dont have have any Paddling gear, so throwing stuff might be difficult.

So we want to try involve everyone, we are a community club so if you want to send us some Pendle Paddlers memories (past or present) we will try and pull something together.

So send us your:

  • Toilet or Paddle challenge videos,

  • back garden rolling clips,

  • a painting or drawing or similar,

  • a poem

  • video or photo that gives you good memories about paddling with Pendle Paddlers. You can download one from our website, Facebook page or use your own.

You can submit more than one, make it serious or fun, include those outtake ones too, the aim is to make people smile and pull us together whilst we cant paddle.

Please keep videos short a couple of seconds max, and please send only jpg pictures (so take a picture of paintings, poems etc), just to save some editing time etc

Send them to email address supplied by via the club email.

We will post the end result in a couple of weeks

Disclaimer: These links are posted as helpful hints only, and a guide only, they don't replace formal training from a qualified coach who will assess your individual requirements and ability.


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