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White Water Safety intro

It's a warm day down at River Active next to the River Dee, at Llangollen, but the river is still very cold.

This is our first white water swim event, we now have more members enjoying, or starting to, their adventures on moving water. As you start to progress there is an increased risk that you will get wet, some say correctly that we are all between swims. A well timed brace or a robust roll in a kayak can sometimes save the day, but it is important to understand what to do if your only option is to exit the boat and swim.

So today no boats, wet gear, helmets and throw ropes are the order of the day. So the group learn how to swim in moving water, and how to rescue another and the joys of live bait rescue.

Hopefully today will help our paddlers be more confident on the water as they now know that if they do have to take a swim they can stay safe, and some introductory rescue skills. Next step would be a formal White Water Safety and Rescue Course.

A big thank you to Nigel for leading the day


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